The right words can take you from start-up to superstar

Winning words change the circumstances you’re in, into the circumstances you want.

Build your brand. Convert your browsers into buyers. Generate leads. Validate your value.
Evergreen Copy

Evergreen copy can last for decades. Although you pay for it only once, it continues to serve you and pay for itself many times over for as long as you use it. And you can use it in so many different ways: on your website, in flyers and brochures, in emails, during marketing campaigns…and more. You never have to fix it, change it, or refresh it as long as it keeps working.

+ Great Design

Great graphics, photos and web design can combine to catch the eye at first glance. But it’s the copy on every page, site, and document that seals the deal.

= Stunning Success

I weave words into wealth by putting your ideal customers and target audiences into a ‘waking trance’—the willing frame of mind that convinces them that nothing else on earth is more important than what they’re doing right now.

Who do you want to captivate today?



Use a brochure to tout the benefits of your product, service or cause while encouraging your readers to take the action you want them to take.

Landing Pages

Use landing pages to target a specific audience to promote your product, service or cause and leave your competition slack-jawed with awe.


Maintain top-of-mind awareness and prominence by engaging with your customers in ways they’ll love, remember, and thank you for.

Website Design

An easy-to-navigate, welcoming, attractive, responsive website is crucial. Without one, you’re leaving money on the table.


A blog helps you build relationships with existing and prospective customers, showcase your expertise, and gain credibility as the only logical provider in your niche.

Case Studies

Throw a spotlight on your successes. This is the ideal place for your true stories of customers helped and problems solved. Engage your target audience at this level to win their trust.

Website Content & Copy

Your website must rivet your target audience into place within eight seconds, so it’s no place to skimp when it comes to enlisting the service of a competent copywriter.

Copy Editing/Enhancing

When you have the talking points, the outline or the first draft in the bag, copy editing & enhancement can make the difference between “meh” and “marvelous”, between “Sorry!” and “SALE!

Video Scripts

Few websites can be considered complete without a captivating video.


Do it right=no worries. Do it wrong= get your site flagged and de-listed.

Sales Letters

Online and off, sales letters maintain their status as top producers and should be a regular part of your marketing plan.

Press Releases

What’s new and newsworthy with you? Tout a new product or service, throw the spotlight on an award you’ve won, or report on special outreach events in ways that media moguls will snap up and distribute to your target audience for you.


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