Walking, Talking, Thinking, Winking…

Kris August 26 2015


So far today I’ve walked three miles, written 1100 words of on hold messages for a power partner, and gone to get teriyaki chicken for lunch. I feel energized again after a 24-hour “dropout” period.


Someone named Daniel (I met him briefly a couple months ago at a networking meeting) called yesterday to ask if my husband and I wanted to come play a Christian marriage board game and possibly host (during his absence) a local Christian radio talk show from late October through mid-December.


I’m not married. I’ve never been married. So no marriage board game for me.


And although I’m intrigued, I would have to find out where Daniel is on the Christian political spectrum before I decide to engage in co-hosting or hosting duties.


I’m on the Joe Biden/Jim Wallis/Jesus/Bernie Sanders/Sojourner end of theĀ  Judeo-Christian political spectrum–into social justice and the separation of church and state with both feet.


If Daniel is on the Mike Huckabee/Family Research Council/gays-are-sinners/abortion-is-murder/America-is-a-Christian-nation side, we’re incompatible unless he is willing to welcome measured, respectful discussion and challenges to his perspective. That might be something I could engage in. If not, no dice.


So I’ve put in a call to him so we can talk this over some more.


I’ve sent the on hold messages to my power partner so he and his wife can look them over and either make changes or love ’em as they are.


Now I’m at loose ends…but feeling accomplished and loving it.