Feelin’ GROOVY!

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Today I’m alternating between feelin’ frantic and feelin’ groovy.


Feelin’ Frantic for two reasons:

      • An upcoming TV appearance on New Day Northwest (a talk show) on Tuesday
      • The new website (YellowBalloonPublications.com) still isn’t live. We’re waiting for Amazon Web Services to confirm my account so we can test the audio book delivery system.


Everything else is in place and ready to roll out… I hate cliffhangers and consider anything that isn’t 100% ready, tried and true three days in advance to be a cliff hanger.


My tummy insists on early resolutions. I’ve always been this way.


I was always a week ahead of deadlines in school and I’m always way ahead of deadlines as a copy and content writer.


There’s just something about “just in time” resolutions that make me crazy.


Lisa and I both want this website to go LIVE before the weekend so we can RELAX and have fun instead of stressing over the Tuesday morning drop dead deadline. If the site isn’t live then, we stand to lose hundreds (if not thousands) of eyeballs and potential book sales…


Feeling Groovy for two reasons:

  • The upcoming TV appearance on New Day Northwest on Tuesday
  • The new website


Yeah, I know:  they’re the same two reasons.  That’s what change does: it causes good stress and bad stress … even when it’s good change.


I’m on the cusp of something exciting and different and it feels fabulous


So…given all this exciting news…are you feelin’ groovy?  I hope so!