Need More News Coverage!

CU Margaret Larson and Kris Smith

I’m feeling let down.


I’m sure it’s  post-excitement blues, like what happened after Christmas when I was a kid.


All of the anticipation of appearing on NEW DAY NORTHWEST held me in a heightened state for so long that “normalcy” seems anti-climactic.


The worst news is that the interview, although it went very well, didn’t receive the sales response I wanted and expected.


I’m sure this was because KING5 TV didn’t add the legend to the bottom of the clip until 8 or 9 P.M–almost eight hours after the show aired–so anyone who wanted to buy the book on impulse had to wonder where to get it.


Some guessed right for the print editions. I got a slight boost in softcover and Kindle sales at Amazon but there was no link to where viewers of the program would have been able to find exclusive audio book and PDF versions of the title. The audio book is narrated by me and includes voicemail messages from the Kelleys and other notable Hollywood names. THAT would have been a fine thing for viewers to know, but the breakneck speed of the interview didn’t allow it… and Margaret Larson didn’t ask…so the link went by the wayside. Upsetting!!!


The program posted no link at the end of the segment on TV, either. (You have to be a sponsor of a segment to get that kind of boost…and sponsorship costs on mainstream TV are way outside my paltry marketing budget!)


So the major boost I was expecting as a result of being on a high-profile Pacific NW show simply hasn’t materialized.That’s disappointing not to mention frustrating! I gave away a slew of books to audience members expecting to recoup the costs by getting a slew of book sales, but that just didn’t happen…


I’m still working hard to capitalize on the show by having people (friends, business associates, relatives, etc.) post the interview to their Facebook pages, Twitter and Pinterest accounts, and other social media…and I’m reaching out to additional influential folks (TV, radio and podcast hosts) to see if they’re interested in doing something with me during Trek’s 50th. I include a link to the NEW DAY interview when I do that, of course. It was a significant “get” for an author like me, nothing to sniff at!  I’m remain immensely grateful for the opportunity!I juts wish I’d had the presence of mind to mention the website URL during the interview. I’m sure that would have helped immensely.


The most common response I heard to the interview–in addition to “What a great interview!” was “–but it was too short! I wanted more!!!” 


There is a lot more to tell, so I hope other mass media folks will consider giving me an opportunity to tell it!