Five Podcast Interviews Coming Up…


Photo courtesy of Sharon Mae Photography

Photo courtesy of Sharon Mae Photography


In less than 48 hours I’ve landed five podcast interviews, four of them Trek-related, one of them westerns-related. I don’t have dates and times locked in yet, but I’ll fill in the details as I get them…


Here are the two podcast interviews with confirmed dates and times (in chronological order)

  • Wayne Emery with TrekMate will interview me at 2:15 pm Pacific Time/10:15 UK time on August 31st
  • Shawn Wray with Cosmic Potato will interview me and record my responses on September 4th at 11 a.m. He plans to post the podcast on the actual 50th anniversary of Star Trek, September 8th, in the evening.


I’m still waiting to hear back on dates and times from Scott Hertzog with SciFiDiner, Ken Tripp with Standard Orbit, and Michael May (the fellow who wants a “De in westerns” interview). I will let you know that information as soon as I know it…


I’m trying to think of search terms that will deliver the podcasts and TV and radio talk shows that would be most interested in chatting with me. I’m having a tough time. If any of you can help me come up with other shows or search terms that will deliver the information I need to find them, I would really appreciate it!


I’ve already searched “Star Trek podcasts” and “western motion picture podcasts”

I’ll be searching on…

Nostalgia podcasts

Baby boomer podcasts

Nostalgia TV interviewers

DeForest Kelley podcasts

talk show hosts (Pacific NW)

Trek fan talk show hosts (TV, radio, podcasts)

Westerns fans talk show hosts (TV, radio, podcasts)

Radio Interview hosts

Talk show hosts

TV talk show hosts

Podcast talk show hosts


Can you think of any other search terms that will boost my chances of finding hosts and interviewers?


This kind of outreach is new to me. Little by little, I’m succeeding.


But I know there is a very brief window of opportunity where interest in Star Trek The Original Series is extremely high–its 50th anniversary–so I want to find as many interested parties as I can, as soon as I can.


Now that the audio version of DeForest Kelley Up Close and Personal: A Harvest of Memories from the Fan Who Knew Him Best has debuted I need to get out there and let people know where to get it and other versions!


If you can help by offering me “warm leads” (hosts you know personally with whom you can leave a good word about me…perhaps send them my NEW DAY NORTHWEST interview to whet their appetites) or even cold leads (be sure to include the TV interview and a link to my book website!), that would be terrific!


Anything you can do to get the word out about my willingness to do interviews will be hugely appreciated!!!