I’m TOP-Rated Again at Upwork

I’ve been more active on Upwork recently so I’ve earned enough income and satisfied all of my clients, thereby re-gaining my TOP-Rated status and badge.


To be designated TOP-RATED at Upwork, a provider has to earn more than $1000/year and be in the top 90% ratings-wise (according to their clients) for 13 out of the last 16 weeks.


Here’s what you’ll find on my Profile Page at Upwork:


Professional Copywriter, Editor & Author


“Kris’s words helped me make a $2500 sale the day I implemented her vocabulary into my sales script. (Price of Enhanced Sales Script: $220)” — Sheryl L. Lynn, CA


“It’s a pleasure to work with someone who has a high quality standard for their work. Highly recommend!” –dkmarketing “My sales have jumped since I added Kris’s content.” –Tom Kelly


“Outstanding! Kris saved the day and completed a project on a very tight deadline. Our collaboration was a pleasure. I’ll be calling on her services again.” — Jamie Dunne


“I am so grateful for your help. You have been a life-changer for me.” Teryl McLane, Scholastic Book Fairs


“In almost every instance where potential clients visit my website to find out about me for the first time, they end up coming through my door, convinced that I’ll be the perfect provider to help them. Kris Smith’s copy has made all the difference. Thanks, Kris!” – Debbie G.


“PRICE IS ONLY A PROBLEM WHEN VALUE (ROI) IS A MYSTERY.” — John Assaraf, Best-Selling Author & Business Coach


Please ask for more testimonials. I have lots more… (LGBTQI Advocate)


When you need evergreen sales copy that converts browsers into buyers, or compelling content that turns Looky Lou’s into loyalists year after year, here’s why you should be willing (even eager) to adequately pay the professional writers you choose:


Proficient professional writers have spent decades honing their craft. As with other professional practitioners–doctors, attorneys, counselors, etc.—our expertise is hard won and painstakingly acquired.


When you hire a professional writer, you get professional results. No true professional writer offers bargain basement rates. The term professional means “someone who makes their living in a specific field of endeavor.” Professional writers never agree to write for clients who pay minimum wage, entry-level, or even executive secretary-level wages.


Although professional expertise is costly, you can EXPECT cost-effective results (ROI). By hiring on the cheap you’re taking a big risk that you may not even recover your costs (in time and money), let alone advance your cause and credibility. People generally visit a website or marketing materials once—and then only briefly—unless what they find there rivets them in place and makes them to want to stay and play (bookmark your site and do business with you).


Here’s an analogy that helps my clients understand the value of professionally-written evergreen copy: It takes only about 45 minutes to produce a vehicle on an assembly line. So have you ever wondered (as you do about professional writers) “Why does buying one cost so much?”


Here’s why: Because you’re paying for the human labor, the raw materials, and the proven processes that go into producing a reliable vehicle that you can buy, and because the VALUE you receive from having one at your beck and call is many times greater than the money you exchange to own it.


Your vehicle conveniently and safely gets you from where you are to where you want to be without expending herculean personal effort.


Your vehicle earns you money by taking you to the places where you achieve your financial goals.


Your vehicle saves you time, helping you afford leisure time to enjoy yourself and your loved ones.


!!! Evergreen copy provides exactly the same benefits !!!


So expecting to procure professional evergreen copy for anything less than $1 per word or $100/per hour (most professionals can generate between 350 and 500 riveting, engaging words per hour) indicates that you consider professional writing services to be interchangeable with, and indistinguishable from, the quality you will get from hobbyists, wannabe’s and third world ESL providers, most of whom are taught British English and idioms, not American English and idioms. Seriously think about that. Does that theory make any sense at all?


Rule of Thumb to make sure you get a great writer:


Visit the websites of the providers you’re considering hiring.


Read client testimonials.


Visit portfolio pages.


Ask the potential providers that impress you to do a short, low-cost, fast turnaround project for you to make sure you’re a great team before you commit your money and time longer term to them.


Make good choices. Get out the starting gate with great images, a responsive website, and riveting copy and content and you’ll be well on your way to success!


Since you found me here first, you can hire me direct! There’s no need to hire me via Upwork.