In the brave new world of online marketing, you need to be active across various social media platforms. One of the best ways to help ensure you’ll remain “top of mind” with clients and search engines is to add new content to an existing blog as often as you can—every seven to ten days works well for many businesses. If you can write something engaging, insightful, helpful or just plain funny in your blog and incorporate SEO keywords into the post based on current trending topics or frequently-typed search terms, over time you’ll develop a loyal following and some of your most social media-involved readers will become “viral sneezers” (eager sharers) of your information.
A few pointers: If you’re going to try to write your own blog posts, remember to introduce often-searched SEO words and phrases into them whenever you can do so organically (so they make perfect sense to the reader and aren’t noticeably jarring). Make sure each post is at least 300 words in length so search engines can find and rank them; longer is better these days. Always remember to post pieces that inform, enlighten and entertain your target audience because if all you do is sell, your readers will quickly tire of the barrage and stop following you.
But writing blog posts on a regular basis can take a chunk of your time that you might not have. Or you might consider writing akin to weekly root canal treatments. If so, consider hiring a copywriter. Our working hours are dedicated to writing riveting, engaging pieces that keep readers coming back for more. You can provide a bullet list of talking points for each blog post, or an outline or first draft and then let me make the magic happen based on what you provide. Or you can make me the expert you are in your realm by pointing me to articles and I can take it from there so you never have to think about your blog again. (But that’s the most expensive way to go. You’ll be paying for my learning curve time, too.)
For some before-and-after examples of copy I’ve redeemed for clients, shoot me an email. I’ll be happy to send you a handful!