Case Studies

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you’ve probably rescued a lot of customers or clients. A case study is the perfect place to explain the pain, problem, or predicament that some of your customers were having and how you were able to deliver the solution or relief they were seeking.
Your case studies are the place to metaphorically don your costume and cape and show your stuff. You can do it in fun ways or in a more corporate style…but whatever style you choose should reflect the style you express when you’re with your clients so the story feels like it came directly from you.
Case studies help deliver the know-like-trust factors that are a crucial part of the decision-making process when potential customers come your way. When you can identify and show that you’re a problem-solver and a solution-in-waiting, it’s awfully hard for anyone to pass you by when they’re experiencing the same or a similar challenge.
Case studies are usually easy to get. All you need to do is pay close attention all along the way to the process involved in delivering the perfect solution to a client or customer. Listen closely to the story your customer tells you; write down the details. After you’ve solved the problem or delivered the solution, report what you did and how what you did impacted your customer’s wellbeing. Then get a talented spellbinder (a copywriter) to dance with and polish the details of your report until they shine like a multi-faceted diamond.
Real life stories sell. A great copywriter is a great storyteller. What stories have you been keeping under wraps that can boost your bottom line? Let’s talk! I can uncover some of those gems for you.