Scholastic Has Been Keeping Me Busy

I haven’t been posting here, or at or at or anywhere else very recently because Scholastic (my favorite high-profile client of all time!) has been keeping me busy.   I don’t think I’m allowed to tell you what division of Scholastic, or specifically who the people I’m writing/editing/copy-enhancing for, but I can tell[…]

An Upwork Client Asks “Why is it so hard to get quality content?”

An Upwork client’s project description this week carries the headline: “Why is it so hard to get quality content?” Here’s the rest of the project description: Less than 30 hrs/week Duration: More than 6 months Seeking Expert Level Writer I am willing to pay higher rates for the most experienced freelancers So many writers, so[…]

Uncovered a Letter of Recommendation from 1985–Please Read!

  (Ted Crail as I remember him) I thought I’d publish the following, written in 1985 by Ted Crail, Public Relations Counsel for the Animal Protection Institute of America. I just ran across it again and was very touched by it. I hope it tells the tale of my abilities even better than the scores[…]

Hire a Professional Writer–Typical Writing Rates

Here’s What You Need to Know When Hiring a Professional Writer © 2017 by Kristine M Smith   When you need “evergreen” sales copy that converts browsers into buyers, or compelling content that turns Looky Lou’s into loyalists year after year, here are the reasons why you should be willing to adequately compensate the professional[…]

Lots Going on at

Catch the wave here:   Since I’m semi-retired now as a copywriter, I’m focusing more on my author career. I’m still available for short-term copy/content/features writing and editing projects, but my focus these days is on leaving a lasting legacy as a writer on things that I can claim as my own–like books, features articles,[…]

Feeling Abandoned?

  I have not abandoned this blog…well, not entirely…   It’s just that I’ve started another blog at my new website,, and I’ve been concentrating on getting that populated with sufficient blogs to let the search engines find it and to let people know I’m going to be active there… is my[…]

A Complaint-Free World by Will Bowen

  I’ve just read a fascinating, compelling book: A Complaint-Free World. Written by Will Bowen, it’s about his campaign to turn complaining on its head… and it’s working in literally millions of lives.   What’s intriguing about the book’s value is that even people who consider themselves largely  “complaint-free” can’t get through a single day[…]