Evergreen Copy

Evergreen Copywriting Defined and Explained


Evergreen copy defined: any written communication that can stand the test of time — static web pages, brochures, articles, e-books, white papers, radio, TV and AdWords ads, explainer videos, and other written materials that don’t need to be regularly updated, altered or deleted.


Evergreen Copy Costs More
Evergreen copy comes at a higher price than temporary copy because it pays for itself hour after hour, day after day, week after week for years at a time. So if you find yourself reeling when a professional copywriter quotes you a rate that seems outrageous, take time to catch your breath as you contemplate the long-term value and return on investment you’ll be reaping.

Analogy: It only takes 45 minutes to produce a car on an assembly line, but they cost tens of thousands of dollars because their VALUE is far greater than the time it takes to produce them. Same with evergreen copy!


Evergreen Copy Takes Longer
Evergreen copy isn’t just slapped together. A professional wordsmith isn’t a hired hack. We’ve invested years and thousands of dollars learning the trade; we’ve surpassed (wildly) Malcolm Gladwell’s established “10,000 hours of study, practice and refinement” to get to the place where we can produce engaging, converting evergreen copy. We don’t dither or worry our words to death; we know what we need to do to help business owners and entrepreneurs succeed. The guesswork is gone. We don’t have to wait for our Muse to show up or for inspiration to arrive. To a professional copywriter it’s always show time … every time.