One thing is for sure: there are cagey competitors just waiting for the right time to swoop in, woo and win the present customers of other businesses. One great way to be sure this doesn’t happen to you is by publishing a helpful, engaging newsletter that keeps you regularly in your present customers’ thoughts and hearts. Done right—weekly, monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually—newsletters help establish fond bonds and create loyalty.
Send newsletters to anyone and everyone who has opted in to hear more from you. Invite them to enjoy and share their newsletters with family, friends, business associates, and any of their social media contacts who are interested in the topics each issue covers.
Newsletters are a wonderful way to introduce your company to new people, stay in touch with your present customers, build your brand, promote anything new you’re offering, position yourself as an expert or authority, and gather contact information from the people who find and interact with your website.
Just be sure the content is interesting and valuable to your readers and that your headlines and graphics rivet your readers in place. Let the culture of your company shine. Talk about anything and everything that will add value to the readers who will be receiving it: case studies, field/district reports, helpful hints about unexpected additional ways to use your products, industry trends … you get the idea. Don’t sell more than occasionally inside your newsletter—and then do it indirectly if you can find a way.
Another tip: Keyword-rich e-newsletters are search engine darlings, so incorporate keywords and phrases that your target audiences would use when looking for someone who does what you do. And archive (online) all newsletters. Chances are good that if readers enjoy one of your masterpieces, they’ll want to read back issues, too!
So… What’s not to love about newsletters? Is it the part about having to write the words in ways that will delight your readers?   You’re in luck! That’s exactly the kind of thing most copywriters love to do! Let’s talk!