Sales Letters

Sales letters come in all lengths and scores of different styles. Overall, long sales letters usually convert better than short ones, especially if there is “sticker shock” (the cost of a product or service) to overcome.
One of the best things about sales letters (a.k.a. marketing letters) for most business owners is that they can substitute for the dreaded “cold call” by introducing what you can bring to the table when you do get a face-to-face appointment to discuss your value to a prospective company or client. By outlining the benefits you can bring and making a compelling case for a face-to-face, the likelihood of getting an invitation can increase significantly.
A great sales letter rivets the reader in place with a benefits-driven headline. It doesn’t beat around the bush. It establishes you as the ‘go to’ solutions-oriented provider in your niche industry. It lets readers know that you “get them” because it offers a specific solution to their pain, problem or predicament. Finally, it ends with a clear, direct call to action that encourages the reader to ‘act now’.
The copy in a great sales letter doesn’t have to remain there like a fly caught in amber. It can be repurposed and placed in ads, flyers, brochures, video scripts, on websites and in many other places. Used in additional ways, the hefty price you pay for a well-written, evergreen sales letter becomes almost ridiculously affordable. Remember, ROI (return on investment) is what you’re after. If you take your eyes off that goal, you may be tempted to hire someone less adept—a newbie or wannabe–only to discover that you’ve shot yourself in the foot when your ROI pans out to be anemic or non-existent.
Your best bet: enlist a professional copywriter who knows how to write sales letters that convert browsers into buyers. Let’s talk!