Video Scripts

Whether it’s an Explainer video, an Animation video, an About video, or an Educational or Sales video, you’ll want to be sure your script writer knows how to put your audience into a waking trance.
The centerpiece of your initial presentation, your video script must rivet your audience in place so they focus entirely on your message.
A great video elicits some kind of emotion. It invites listeners to experience it, not to simply watch (or endure) it.
By combining a great video script with exceptional images and appropriate music, you can transport your audience to wherever you want them to be: a romantic, exotic island location, an interstellar voyage, an unexpectedly happy report in a doctor’s office, or anywhere else.
Be sure the video script writer you choose understands the psychology of your target audience. Make sure your script writer understands your Ideal Client’s pain, problem, or predicament (the one you solve) and the pleasure they can anticipate as a result of doing business with you.
Let your script writer know the kind of ambiance you want to achieve and the style of music or images you plan to use in the presentation. If you aren’t sure, let them know that, too because a professional video script writer can usually bring ideas to the table so you don’t have to muddle through on your own and hope for the best.
When you’re ready to consider adding video to your website or live presentations, give me a call or shoot me an email. I would love to write a video script that makes you a superhero in the eyes of your target audience.