Website Content & Copy

Your website is your virtual storefront, capable of being seen and visited by shoppers and others from across the globe. Which is why it’s important to think twice—even three times—when it comes to hiring a copywriter.


Imagine walking into a brick-and-mortar establishment and having the proprietor of the place assault you at the door with “We’ve been in business for thirty years!” or “Take a look at the variety of things you can buy here! Here’s our special. Shall I carry it to the cash register for you?”


If you’re anything like me, you’d walk out a whole lot faster than you walked in…and you’d never return!


Unfortunately, clueless copywriters often do something very similar online—and unless you recognize it, it’s going to shoot you in the pocketbook.


Your website should be a welcoming, peaceful place… a soft place to fall. Your home page should feel like an ideal home: a peaceful place, a type of sanctuary where kindred spirits live, hang out together, and develop bonds of affection mixed with common courtesy.


I’m sure you’ve visited websites and home pages that felt pushy, clueless and contrary to what you expected and wanted. You can find them in a lot of places. The words seem desperate, aggressive, or overly ambitious—like the stereotypical image of a used car salesman or bar bouncer on steroids.


The days of old-fashioned pressure sales are over. Buyers are web-savvy and mobile-enabled and have no problem walking away as quickly as they walk in. A competitor of yours probably lives just blocks away and is easy to find these days.


This is why your website holds the keys to the kingdom. It’s the place where you get all of eight seconds, on average, to rivet your virtual visitors in place… aided, of course, by just the right turn of phrase and the right vibe.


Don’t put your vital virtual storefront in the ham-handed clutches of an amateur. Hire a professional who knows how to get the job done right the first time. The return on investment you get with the evergreen copy I’ll create will make you smile…year after year after year…making your investment ridiculously affordable. Let’s talk!