Website Design

For starters, I’m not a website designer. But I know a great one (Lisa Twining Taylor of Dancing Goat Web Design) and I work well with other ones. As a result of being a power partner of Lisa’s, I have received a gee-whiz sort of education by spending significant time looking over her shoulder as she pieced together a new website. My jaw pretty much dropped to the floor. I’d shoot myself if I had to know what she knows to learn to get it right. It takes time–lots and lots of time–and non-stop training to figure out the coding that makes a site as attractive and easy to navigate as it is. So my hat’s off to website developers. “You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din.”
What I do know about website design is as a lay person and user. I do know that they have to be responsive these days if they want to remain in Google’s top graces. A responsive website is one that automatically re-sizes itself so it appears on any device, from desktop to laptop to tablet to mobile phone, in a way that allows users to easily read what’s on their screens without having to scroll back and forth to read what’s on them.
I also know that Word Press sites are among the most affordable sites if you need to outsource your website design needs. A basic five-page website, designed by a professional, that you fill with your own content starts at about a thousand dollars. The more functionality you add, the greater the cost.
E-commerce sites are the priciest, starting at around $2500. People charging less than that are probably newbies and wannabes. Web designers start up and shut down almost as often as lights get turned on and off, it seems. Almost half of the web design companies listed in the yellow pages in my area are already out of business, leaving their customers high and dry and unable to function.
One of the great things about Lisa is that she can show you how to carry on with your site after she has set you up with it, so you’ll never have to worry about tech support…and if Lisa hosts your website, you’ll never have to worry about that, either. She’s no fly-by-night. She’s the full meal deal, here to stay and serve. I highly recommend her.
Isn’t it a relief to know that if you hire either of us—copywriter or web design maven–you’ve already been introduced to a second professional who will have your back if/when you decide to add a second element to your outreach plan.