Social Media Testimonial

Lisa Twining Taylor, Social Media Provider


I know several people (personally) who have hung shingles and proclaimed themselves Social Media Marketing experts, consultants and mavens in the hope of having business owners hire them to do the SMM work they know they need to do but either don’t want to do or don’t have the time to do.


But here’s the thing:


Lisa Twining Taylor is the only person that I know personally who actually understands social media and uses it correctly.


Others don’t appear to understand the crucial, unique differences between the various platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.). They don’t appear to know when the various platforms should be posted to in order to reach the perfect clients; they usually post the same stuff on every platform they post to, and pretty much all at the same time.

The fact of the matter is (and Lisa understands this perfectly) different SM platforms perform better at different times. Some perform best evenings and weekends; others need constant upkeep, several times a day; sometimes several times an hour if they’re platforms that thrive on breaking news, social media trending topics, etc. Unless a provider knows these things, they’re throwing everything they can think of on social media walls and hoping some of it will stick (and convert browsers into buyers, or viral sneezers, or whatever they want it to do for them).


Most SM providers also don’t seem to have gleaned from their clients exactly what it is the clients want their SM campaigns to accomplish. Perhaps clients don’t even know themselves. And based on what I’ve witnessed myself far too many times, some SM providers can’t spell, write properly, grammatically, or powerfully, or use words in creative, compelling ways. These are huge problems—HUGE!—when you’re trying to influence people in a positive way to interact and do business with you.


This is just some of why most social media do-it-yourselfers and self-proclaimed “experts” are doing it wrong—and getting the results one can expect when doing anything wrong: their results are anemic for the number of hours they spend doing it or paying someone to do it for them.



If you need to hire a social media expert, look no farther than Lisa Twining Taylor. Ask her to point you to the sites she has been providing social media services to. I think you’ll be as impressed as I am.


Here’s the bottom line: You can do social media outreach right and get happy, or you can shoot yourself in the foot and get badly hurt. Lisa knows the difference. She teaches this stuff locally. I recommend her without reservation or hesitation. That’s why I’ve practically written a book here that she will probably have to edit to make it fit wherever she wants to use it! Some testimonials just don’t fit into a few tight sound bites. This is one of them!



Kristine M. Smith, Copywriter & Author