Here’s the link to my New Day Northwest TV appearance. Please enjoy and share, especially if you know people in the entertainment industry (TV, radio, podcast hosts, etc.) who are looking for in-the-know people to interview during Star Trek’s 50th anniversary.!


The host of New Day Northwest, Margaret Larson, was wonderful (as always). It was a real pleasure meeting her, the producer of my segment, Joseph Suttner, and the Production Assistant Taylor.


Everyone on the show was friendly and helpful. It was pretty easy to relax as I awaited my four minutes of fame.


After my segment (it was last in the series of five segments, very good placement!!!) Margaret Larson agreed to sit for photos with us. I’ll attach them here…


Thank you to Heidi Smith (who drove in from Renton to offer support and kind comments), Edward Smith (who drove in from Yelm), Lisa Twining Taylor and Lucie Shi who documented everything on camera for me.


Kris in front of King5TV Wall #3 King5 TV Wall Kris Lisa and Edward King5TV Wall#1 Heidi and Kris at NEW DAY TAPING Margaret Larson and Kris on NEW DAY Set Lisa, Lucie, Margaret Larson, Kris and Heidi on NEW DAY Set

Update: I’ve received  literally dozens of sweet messages from friends and business associates as a result of my appearance on NEW DAY Northwest yesterday. It seems everyone thought I did an outstanding job and acted just like myself!


Looking at it as objectively as I can myself, I think they’re right as far as acting like myself; whether that’s “outstanding” or not is subject to individual sensibilities. HA HA HA HA HA!


I will say that I can stand to watch it, which is a good thing. I did look relaxed and interactive.  The mere fact that I didn’t remember a darn thing I said until I saw it again proves that I undertook the endeavor as a sort of “out of body” experience and it just happened to work out all right!


I was nervous, for sure… but I tend to hide my nerves even from my closest friends when I’m on camera.  That’s a good thing!


I hope the segment convinces other hosts that having me on their shows would be a plus. That would be fabulous.


We’ll see!


Thank you, KING5 TV and NEW DAY NORTHWEST for the opportunity!  Your interest in my story has rocked my world, and I hope what happened yesterday continues to reverberate in good ways so DeForest Kelley’s legacy will grow to encompass who he was as a person in addition to his amazing abilities as an actor.