Rod Janpol is My Hero

  Rod Janpol is a working fool. And my hero.   One definition of a hero fits Rod exactly: “a person admired for outstanding achievements or noble qualities.”   Mr. Janpol has invested frighteningly-long hours engineering my upcoming audio book DeForest Kelley Up Close and Personal From the Fan Who Knew Him Best. He took[…]

Links to DeForest Kelley Book and Fringe Radio Interview

  Don’t forget The Fringe Radio interview with me about DeForest Kelley ( tonight at 7PM Pacific Time/8PM Mountain Time/?? your time and the #DeForestKelley Q&A on Sunday on the book launch page between 1 and 3 PM!!   Update: The interview will be archived in the next day or so on Fringe’s YouTube Channel,[…]

This week’s ‪DeForest Kelley‬ Tuesday Teaser Question

    “What led DeForest Kelley to respond to one of Kris’s comments, “In this town, nothing would surprise me…”   I know you’ve become accustomed, these past few Tuesdays, to reading an excerpt from the upcoming book to get the answer to these teaser questions, but this time, I can’t do that.  The answer[…]

DeForest Kelley Star Ceremony

5 Reasons You Should Be Talking About DeForest Kelley Again

5 Reasons You Should Be Talking About DeForest Kelley Again   Reason #5: Millions of today’s #StarTrek fans weren’t alive when #DeForestKelley became the first Dr. McCoy and may not know a thing about him or why his memory is so clear and dear to you. (My 12 year old grandniece had no clue until[…]

DeForest Kelley Up Close and Personal

Newly Updated DeForest Kelley Book Cover Underway

  Link to DeForest Kelley Up Close and Personal Book Launch Event Jan 8 2016   YES!  I received confirmation yesterday from CBS Home Entertainment letting me know that I can use the DeForest Kelley cover that German artist Olivia Vieweg created for me earlier this year. I am over the moon!    Because Olivia’s[…]

‘DeForest Kelley Up Close & Personal’ is Almost Ready

  Whew!   I just spent the last five days (perhaps six) audio recording, listening to, and then editing my next book, DeForest Kelley Up Close and Personal: A Harvest of Memories from the Fan Who Knew Him Best.   It’s an enhanced version of my 2001 title DeForest Kelley A Harvest of Memories, My Life[…]